8 Tips for Buying Diamonds Online


About Diamonds

Diamonds have long been a symbol of man’s greatest hopes and dreams and a women’s best friend. The most aspirational and desired of all gemstones with an investment value that transcends time, place and currency. Diamonds are not volumetric or easy to transport.

Forged and hidden deep beneath the surface of the earth’s crust, up to 3.3 billion years ago, under conditions of extreme heat and pressure. diamond is the hardest natural substance known to man, the purest form of CARBON.

The word diamond evolved from the Greek word ‘adamas’ which was used to describe the hardest substance known to man.

Buying a diamond does not have to be an uncomfortable or scary experience for anybody. Lately consumers have more options than ever before when it comes to buying diamonds. In addition to jewellery retailers, you can shop at home or from work right on your computer, tablet or smartphone.


There are currently a large number of Diamond traders selling only loose certified Diamonds online, who are very reliable, trustworthy and extremely helpful should you require their help and assistance with your Diamond purchases. You don’t have to be an expert or Jeweller to buy or own a certified cut & polished diamond.

Many of the same considerations apply whether you’re buying a diamond in person or online. I will discuss a few additional tips for shopping online that will help you click the “Buy Now” button with confidence.


Reliable companies selling any Diamonds and Gems, like Goodieshub.com, have experienced people involved in their business who are highly qualified in their field. These individuals are available and able to give you the assistance and information you may require to make an educated decision and have the confidence to make your diamond purchases.

Every diamond is unique, and there are a variety of factors, which affect the price of a diamond. Focus on those factors most important to you, and choose a diamond that satisfies your individual standards for beauty and value, some one else with a similar budget might chose a very different diamond with different qualities.  At GoodiesHub.com, we want to help find the best diamond for you.


8 Tips for buying a diamond online:

1. Research

It doesn’t matter how big or small your purchase, but like anything else you would buy, research your options. Educate yourself about the four C’s (more about this in the next tip) and decide which of the qualities are most important to you. This decision will help you spend your budget the best possible way.

2. Specific Detail

When shopping online, make sure you know exactly what you are buying. Again, as mentioned above, Companies selling Diamonds will give values of the four C’s:
Cut, Clarity, Colour and Caratge-weight.
To ensure you purchase the Diamond at the correct price, look at the Four C’s together to make the best choice.
3. Grading Report
Every Diamond sold to you should be accompanied with an independent grading report or a laboratory report.
The two mostly used and accepted certification institutions are the GIA and EGL. They will independently give the report on the four C’s of every Legal Diamond on the market.
Have a look at their websites for more info.
4. Verify the Report

GIA certified Diamonds can be checked and verified on the GIA secured database website under the “Report check” tab. This way you can check that the diamond is the actual diamond quoted to you.


5. Diamond Laser Inscription

For added security, find out if the diamond’s grading report number is laser-inscribed on its girdle. In some cases the diamond will be inscribed before it is offered for sale, or it can be requested at the time of purchase.
In addition to the diamond’s unique GIA report number, the inscription can be a personal message or symbol for identification. The microscopic inscription is viewable under 10X magnification or using a jeweller’s loupe, and because it’s noted on the diamond’s GIA report, it will help ensure that the diamond you receive matches the report issued for it.
Image: www.gia.edu


6. Know your Seller

Once you’ve decided on the diamond you want to buy and if you don’t know the company, there are a few quick checks to do on the company you’re considering buying from. I have discussed Online shopping in my previous blog post and the same checks still apply no matter what you purchase.
Read my previous post here -> http://bit.ly/GH8Online


Additionally you’ll want to know:
  • How long has the company been in business?
  • What kind of reviews has the company received?
  • Do they offer secure transactions?
  • Are the online representatives helpful?
  • Do they have a Diamond expert on board?
  • How will the diamond be shipped? Is the shipment insured? Is signature required for delivery?
  • In addition to the above, if you’re buying from online auction sites, you’ll also want to look into buyer feedback and ratings and determine if the seller is providing sufficient evidence of the quality of the diamond offered for sale, such as photographs, a grading report, or report number that can be verified.


7. Safe and Secure Payment

I have discussed secure payment methods for online purchases in my previous blog post (which you can read here -> http://bit.ly/GH8Online) that also apply here. In addition buyers would also like to make use of EFT.  Each online retailer or auction site will specify how it will accept payment. If you paid with a credit card and if there is a problem with the purchase, most credit card companies provide recourse. Using a check or a money order for your purchase can reduce your options.


8. Unbelievable offers

As the saying goes “if it is too good to be true, it most probably is”. Be very careful of offers far below the market value. Specifically on high value items like Diamonds and Gems.


To equip you with information and a better understanding of what you want to buy, please read my next series of four blogs as I will discuss each of the four C’s of diamonds individually.


1. Carat Size
2. Clarity Chart
3. Colour Grading
4. Cut
Image: www.gia.edu

This information is very important as the complete Diamond industry is based on the four C’s. This information is what will help the online shopper to be able to understand what Diamonds are all about, what to look for when doing your purchase, what to be careful of, why prices vary so much and why any of the four C’s have such an influence on determining the Diamond prices.


This will help you understand why, for the same price, you can buy a very big Diamond or a very small Diamond.

Like any other purchase, buying Diamonds is all about forming trust and relationship between the Buyer and the Seller.


If you still have any questions, our Diamonds and Gems Expert (Alan) will gladly assist. For any questions, please send a mail to info@GoodiesHub.com


Happy Shopping!

Ben du Preez



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