Earthbound Alpine Ash Diffuser - Beauty Factory

Product Description

Reed room diffusers are decorative air fresheners for the home that work with scented oils and reeds. The oil travels up the reeds to release their fragrance into the air around them.

No need to use aerosol sprays, light candles or plug-in air fresheners, the process handles itself naturally.


Frost filled, crisp morning air, surrounded by the stark beauty of snow capped mountains and warm, cosy evenings spent by the fireside. The fresh mountain air, clarifies the mind whilst the heart is warmed by long conversation filled, nights spent with loved ones.

With opening notes of tobacco leaves and anise, the Alpine Ash range combines warm notes of coriander and wood sap with cedarwood, nutmeg and hints of vanilla, musk and tonka bean for a sensual and mysterious scent.

$30.00 USD